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Why choose AXA private van insurance?

With AXA, you can build the cover you need to protect your business by choosing the cover level and add-ons that are relevant to you – meaning you only pay for the bits you need.

But first, make sure you’re going for the right type of van insurance.

Private van insurance (or personal van insurance) is what you need if you only use your van for social, domestic and pleasure use such as hobbies, holidays or shopping. If you use your van to commute to and from a regular place of work, or in connection with your occupation, then you'll need to consider commercial van insurance instead.

Commercial van insurance is needed if you drive your van for your business – to deliver things, get to sites or carry tools and equipment from one place to another.

Here’s what you get when you choose to insure your van with AXA:

  1. Insure your van from just £258 a year*
    Get affordable cover that you can tailor to fit your needs.
  2. Uninsured driver promise1
    You won’t lose your no claims discount or pay an excess if you’re in an accident that isn’t your fault with an uninsured driver
  3. Get a no claims discounts of up to 60%
    Plus, you’ve got the option to protect your discount for an extra cost.
  4. Online quote discount of 10%
    Automatically get a 10% discount on private van insurance if you get a quote online.
  5. Build the insurance that fits you with add-on covers
    Tailor your policy to fit your needs with protection for your No Claims Discount, breakdown cover, legal assistance support and trailer cover.

What’s included with AXA private van insurance?

What's covered

AXA Comprehensive

Injury to other people or damage to their vehicles or property
Accident recovery cover
93 days’ EU travel4
Continued cover while your van is getting serviced or repaired
Minimum cover to legally tow a trailer
Loss or damage to your van caused by fire or theft
Built-in music, navigation and entertainment equipment
Loss or theft of your keys (up to £500)
Guaranteed courtesy van if your van is stolen or damaged5
Loss or damage to your van
Broken windows and windscreens
Personal injury to the driver of your van (up to £5000)
Medical expenses (up to £250)
Personal belongings (up to £250)
Cover if you put the wrong fuel in your van

Do you use your van for your business?

If you carry tools, equipment or materials in your van, or travel to and from "to and from a regular place of work then commercial van insurance is what you need.

Tell us if you're a limited company, partnership or a sole trader when you get a quote and we can cover you for business use too.


What do I need for a private van insurance quote?

You’ll need to have a few details to hand.

  1. Van registration number and details 
    We'll need to know the age and value of the van, the number of seats, the date when you bought it and any security features it may have. You’ll also need your estimated annual mileage, and the address where the van will be kept overnight.
  2. Driver details 
    We’ll need each driver’s name, occupation and driving history, including any claims and motoring offences they’ve had.
  3. No claims discount 
    You might be able to transfer over any no claims discount you have with your current van insurer.

Before you get a quote, find out how many years’ discount you have and think about whether you’d like to protect the discount if you make a claim.


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Frequently asked questions

Can I get AXA private van insurance?

We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to get a van insurance quote.

But in some circumstances, we may not be able to insure you online.

We won’t be able to insure your van if you, or any of the drivers of your van:

  • Aren’t aged between 25 and 75
  • Don’t hold a full or provisional UK driving licence
  • Aren’t a permanent UK resident
  • Have had any previous insurance policy declined, cancelled or declared void
  • Have been declared bankrupt or been subject to any bankruptcy proceedings or any form of insolvency or winding-up procedures
  • Have been prosecuted or served prohibition order under health and safety legislation
  • Have been disqualified from a directorship of any company

To see if we can give you a quote that meets your needs, call us now on 0330 159 1521.

What type of driving licence do I need for a van?

It depends on the kind of van you’re driving. You can drive a van of up to 3,500kg if you have a standard category B car driving licence. You need a Cat C1 if the vehicle you’re driving weighs more than 3500kg, but there is more detailed information on UK Gov’s driving a van page.

If you don’t have the correct van licence, then you could face a hefty fine, points on your licence and your insurance cover may be declared invalid in the event of a claim.

Do I need van insurance even if I don’t drive my van regularly?

Yes. Under the Road Traffic Acts, any vehicle used on the road must be insured against third party liabilities, otherwise an offence will be committed.

In addition, as part of the Continuous Insurance Enforcement system owners of vehicles registered with DVLA but not recorded on the Motor Insurance Database are liable for a fine, or could have their vehicle seized.

What can you add to your AXA private van insurance?

Choose from the following covers when you get your quote.

Protection for your no claims discount

It can seem unfair that after many years of driving without any claims, a one-off accident should mean you lose your discount.

By paying an additional premium, you can protect your no claims discount, meaning you’ll be able to make a claim on your van insurance without losing the discount you’ve earned.

Legal assistance cover

In an accident that’s not your fault? Get up to £100,000 legal expenses cover to help you claim compensation for ‘uninsured losses’.

These are losses that aren’t covered by your policy, like policy excess, loss of income, personal injury or damage to property which was in your van.

And if you’re prosecuted for an offence relating to owning/using your van – we’ll cover your legal costs. Plus, you’ll get access to confidential legal advice, 24/7.

Breakdown cover

If your van breaks down, we’ll pick you up and get you back on the road.

With three options available, choose what level of cover is right for you. Get a quote now and choose from AXA Roadside, AXA Rescue or AXA Rescue and HomeStart.

Trailer cover

As standard, our van insurance gives you the minimum cover you need to legally tow a trailer while it’s attached to your van.

But what if your trailer’s damaged, lost or stolen? If you have comprehensive cover, we can increase your cover to include loss or damage to a trailer attached to your van (as long as it’s worth less than £5,000).

Policy documents

Find out more about AXA personal van insurance with our policy wording documents.


Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about van insurance.

* 10% of our customers paid this or less between January and March 2023.

1 As long as we can trace and identify the driver.

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