Mobile hairdresser insurance

Do mobile hairdressers need insurance?

Yes, mobile hairdressers need insurance. Hairdressers are constantly surrounded by clients so it’s important that you’re taking the proper steps to protect yourself in case the worst should happen.

You never know when there might be an accidental slip of your scissors, a bad reaction to a hair treatment or a spilled dye that’s ruined your client’s new couch. Don’t leave it up to chance, protect your livelihood with business insurance.

What is mobile hairdresser insurance?

You take pride in the cuts you create, and delight in seeing client transformations. You work on your own schedule, travelling to and from client homes and bringing style to the customer. And while you might not be tied to a particular base, it’s still important you take care of your business as it would be if you owned premises or a salon.

A mobile hairdresser will typically need the following covers:

  • Public liability insurance – which covers against any third-party claims.

  • Business equipment – which covers your essential equipment, like hair straighteners, specialist scissors and clippers, curling tongs, hairdryers etc. We can also cover important tech like laptops, mobile phones, and tablets.

  • Van insurance – so that you can still get from A to B even if something happens to your works van.

What does mobile hairdresser insurance cover?

Our business insurance can be tailored to suit your needs. Here’s what you’d be covered for with some of our most relevant covers.

Public liability insurance will cover you from claims in situations like allergic reactions to haircare products, damage to their property while you’re doing their hair, and any accidental injuries caused

Business equipment will cover you when something happens to the equipment you need to keep business running.

Van insurance will cover you for loss or damage to your van, or others, as a result of an accident.

How much does it cost?

Just like every business is unique, their insurance should be too. The quickest way to find out your price? Get a quote online – it’ll only take a few minutes, and you’ll get a 10%* discount if you buy through our website.


What insurance does a mobile hairdresser need?

With business insurance, you can select from the covers below to protect you. Build your own unique bundle of insurance, depending on your specific needs. That way, you only ever pay for what you need and nothing more. Tailor your cover by picking and choosing from.

Public liability insurance

You’re responsible for the welfare of every customer or visitor. Public liability keeps you covered for up to £5 million if a member of the public is accidentally injured or their property gets damaged while dealing with your business.

Business equipment cover (if you have no premises)

Use your computers, mobile phone, kitchen, or other equipment for your business? They probably won’t be covered by your home contents policy. Get a quote for business insurance online and you’ll also be able to add business equipment cover to your policy.

Employers’ liability insurance (next step)

Once your business begins to grow you may start to take on employees, contractors, casual workers or temporary staff. If you do, it’s a legal requirement for you to take out employers’ liability insurance. It covers you for up to £10 million for any claims from staff may become unwell or suffer an injury as a result of working for you.

Contents cover (next step)

Similarly, if you decide to take that next step woth your business and open a physical salon or barbers shop, then it’s worth considering contents cover. This cover can go up to up to £250,000 can help you replace the contents of your shop, like hairdryers, straighteners, mirrors, and employees’ personal belongings, if they’re damaged, lost or stolen. Contents cover also protects your cash, whether it’s at your premises, your home, or on the way to the bank.

Van insurance

If you use a van to transport expensive hairdressing equipment to photoshoots, weddings, or fashion shows, you could be lost without it. Make sure you stay on the road with van cover that includes doorstep repairs, a guaranteed courtesy van and your choice of optional extras.

Frequently asked questions

Am I covered if I work in a salon as well as being mobile?

Yes, we cover several types of hairdressers and barbers. If you’d like to find out more, we please visit our Hairdressing Insurance , Barbers’ Insurance or Beauty and Salon Insurance pages for more information.


Is insurance required for all self-employed hairdressers and barbers?

Business insurance is not mandatory for any business; however, it is worth having to protect you financially when a claim is made against you. The exception to this is Employers’ Liability insurance which is mandatory if you have anyone working for you.


Are tools and hair products covered?

Yes. If you choose business equipment cover, we’ll help cover the tongs, straighteners and dryers you use to do your job – plus, we’ll offer cover for up to £2000 stock that you might have.


Am I covered if clients come to my home?

You can use your public liability insurance to protect your business against accidental damage or injury.

And with this cover, you can protect your customers, but it’ll apply if you decide to open/build your own company.

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